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We are Family. We Care. We Love.

The Church of Christ of the Apostolic Faith

The Church of Christ of The Apostolic Faith is a place of history, forward thinking, and now-happenings.
Welcome to our church

The Church of Christ of The Apostolic Faith

Our goal is to reach and touch lives of all who need the experience of God’s joy and promised peace. It is our prayer that His Spirit through our congregation can assist you as you navigate through this journey called LIFE.

With such a vast church history, there are immense years of experience, understanding, and innovation. That’s why we’re grateful you took the time to visit us, whether online or in-person, giving us the opportunity to serve you.

So, on behalf of the CCAF Family, my wife and I, we thank you for your prayers and support. And remember, WE ARE FAMILY. WE CARE. WE LOVE.

– Bishop & Lady J Rayford

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Our Vision

We are a multi-generational congregation of believers who are excited about The Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit and the impact our Lord has on the lives of those who walk in the Light.

Our Mission

To present Christ to the world, as the answer to the issues of life and living. We hope to connect people of all ages to Godliness, as we aspire to be a Place of Worship, Prayer, Learning, Service and Community Support.

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