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Our Story

During a time of racial inequalities, The Church of Christ of The Apostolic Faith (CCAF) served as a beacon for African American religious communities around the country. The church was designed with an eye to the future, accommodating the growth of the congregation, established in 1910.

The first site was in a small storeroom on West Goodale Street, and after a brief period, the church was moved to South Oakley Avenue, then to 755 East Long Street where it remained until June of 1915. In the summer of 1915, the congregation moved to a theater building at the corner of Goodale Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. In May of 1917, the congregation acquired an old church building at the corner of Pennsylvania & Collins, so it was affectionately known as Pennsylvania & Collins. In late 1923, a new building was erected on the site and dedicated February 15, 1925, and served as our home until the congregation outgrew the building and was relocated to 476 South Washington Avenue in December of 1951, affectionately known as Washington & Donaldson. Once again CCAF needed more space, and in 1962 two tracks of land, totaling 3.9 acres were acquired at Brentnell Avenue, adjacent to the southern boundary of the Brentnell Elementary School, now known as The Charles School. The present site of the church affectionately known as Brentnell, was completed and the congregation entered their new home in 1965. Overall, the numerous locations the church name has always been, and will always be, The Church of Christ of The Apostolic Faith, aka CCAF.

An addition to the facility was a much-needed 15-thousand square foot Educational Wing which was completed in 1978, designed to house the: Nursery, Beginners through Senior High Classes, as well as Youth and Young Adult departments of the Sunday School. The Wing also houses the Senior Citizens’ Assembly Room, and Library Learning Center.

The endurance of this church is due to the dedication of having just 6 pastors over its 100+ year history. According to church records, CCAF was founded and pastored by Elder Albert Roberts (1910-1915), then chartered by Elder Robert C. Lawson (1915-1919), followed by Bishop Karl F. Smith (1919-1972), Dist. Elder Ernest L. Hardy (1972-1991), Dr. Eugene Lundy (1992-2019) and Suffragan Bishop Harold E. Rayford (2019 – Present).

Since the 1900’s the historic CCAF has been one of the most notable churches within the City of Columbus, and its organization, The Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (P.A.W.).

Since 1910 “she” has birthed over one hundred pastors, and in 1941 the dedication of Aenon Bible College was held. CCAF supported this vision which was the first of its kind, an accredited Pentecostal seminary and higher learning institute. “Aenon” is the official bible college of The P.A.W. and has produced some of the most distinguished Bishops and Leaders throughout the nation. Still in existence today, Aenon was co-founded by Bishop Karl F. Smith and Elder Labaugh H. Stansbury.

Through all the years and the accomplishments of ministering to those in need and serving the community, CCAF remains …. The Light of Columbus since 1910.