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Churches are membership driven, yet the auxiliary or Ministry Team purpose is:

To bring together church members of common interests and abilities.

For encouragement of those members, while strengthening through exhibition, development, ministry, and learning.

To unify through smaller-concentrated groups, assuring connection of all members.

Auxiliaries are not just for spiritual matters or prayer meetings, but for the gathering of people, the building of friends/family, to work together for the Glory of God.

Ministry Teams

Children’s Church

Children’s Church (ages 4-11 years) is held every 1st and 3rd Sundays during the main service, in the chapel. Here, they enjoy themselves through singing, reciting, crafts and other activities as they become young disciples of Jesus. Our children are not only taught Biblical principles, but that their voices would be heard, with the freedom to share issues important to them. The energy, enthusiasm, and laughter of our children is encouraged, and with the purity of a child’s voice explaining their knowledge of Jesus, their hope…is priceless.

Christian Education

Christian Education is the teaching component of CCAF which includes Sunday School, Nursery, Vacation Bible School, Back-to-School Drives, Graduations, Scholarship Funds, Tutoring, and Teacher’s Training & Development. The purpose of this team is to teach us through Biblical education about the world created, how our faith is woven into each area of learning, and how to find purpose and meaning through God’s Will for our lives.  Through this ministry, we mature as His disciples, ready to implement His message of Love.

College & Career

Need a listening ear for guidance and support? Searching for better understanding of college admissions? Our College & Career Team is experienced and ready to assist you along this journey, to keep this period from being a stressful process. With prayerful support, this ministry team will assist you when making decisions about what classes to take, identify extracurricular activities, research, and internships that will make you a strong job candidate. Being college and career-ready will result in better job opportunities, giving access to a career that provides sustainable wages and roads to advancements.

Couples and FAMILY LIFE

Couples and FAMILY LIFE is for Married and Engaged Couples of CCAF. This ministry deals with Strengthening Relationships, Parenting Issues, Family Matters, Support of Special Needs, Gatherings, Outings and Conferences. Though framed for couples, the entire family is often aligned, again to strengthen those relationships. The purpose of this ministry is to unify, improve, and maintain communication between partners in marriage. It is meant to encourage and challenge them, in their spiritual journey, by getting them into God’s Word.  Our couples stand on covenant and commitment which cements their walk, and prayerfully nurtures the family as a whole, as they learn to love and trust Him.


The Culinary crew is responsible for all areas of the kitchen, food preparation, storage and the serving of foods for all church-wide gatherings. Our team maintains a welcoming atmosphere for everyone within the church and the community, as they serve. They coordinate and prepare foods for other individual CCAF ministries, assisting them with their event themes and gatherings. All operational policies, procedures, and practices are followed with care and safety. Other responsibilities include general kitchen housekeeping and maintaining inventory. This team understands hospitality which reflects Christian values, through warm and friendly attitudes when serving others.


Greeters are the “welcoming team” and first impression of CCAF. Whether indoor or outdoor events, they set the pace for every member or visitor to feel comfortable, which causes their ears to open and hearts to receive. Our Greeters are committed to welcoming everyone into the celebration about to take place. Their role is to make the CCAF experience more enjoyable and memorable. Greeters are to be familiar with all areas of ministry, giving direction to classrooms, children’s church, as well as knowledge of the floor plan of the building. Greeters are friendly, personable, and able to interact with a wide variety of people, causing those that attend—a desire to return.

Health & Wellness

The focus of the Health & Wellness Team is Healthcare, Mental Wellness and Physical Fitness. Periodic literature and Education are given and instructed to the congregation and community through Health Fairs and Conferences. Throughout the Pandemic, our Health & Wellness Team kept CCAF current of all developments and procedures while maintaining awareness. They assist the congregation to achieve optimal health and wellness of mind, body, and spirit. The goal is to promote preventive measures to maintain good health by educating them about the importance of screenings, proper diet, exercise, health, healing, and wholeness.


The Media Team is one of the most utilized auxiliaries of the church, providing audio-visuals for all CCAF Services and Events. This team is responsible for the setup, maintenance and coordination of the church’s communications through sight and sound. The spoken Word, and songs of worship are to be heard with clarity and distinction, devoid of any distraction from the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Media is coupled with all Sunday Morning and Evening Services, Parking Lot Services, Bible Studies, and church-wide events. Whether operating cameras, video, sound boards, in-house display screens, or bulletins–Media is essential. And to serve on this team you are not required to be a “techie”, however, the greatest need is commitment, for when serving on Media, you’re often some of the first to arrive…and the last to leave.


Men at CCAF are identified as responsible and caring males, motivated by love as good providers, protectors, leaders and teachers in their homes. It’s good when Christian Men surround themselves with other males, who will be honest, transparent and confidential as struggles and burdens are shared. Having these Christ-centered relationships are crucial to building and maintaining an effective Men’s Ministry. The gathering of men gives positive encouragement aligned with understanding and reminders of what pleases God. They are passionate about seeing other men pursuing The Lord to grow deeper in their faith, also showing us all that Biblical Manhood is appreciated within CCAF.

Ministers & Altar Workers

Ministers & Altar Workers are the spiritual team that serves as burden-bearers, ready to counsel and share their wisdom of the Word of God. Coupled with patience and loving demeanor, these servants are responsible for explanation of the Christian Walk, always ready to assist or follow directives given by the Senior Pastor. Ministers & Altar Workers see to the needs of individuals, and they may lead services such as weddings, funerals, hospital visitations, or serve at the altar concerning salvation, membership, water baptism, rededication, and prayer. Whatever the need, the Minister and/or Altar Worker is ready and willing to deal with the hurting and those in need, even creating the successful, monthly Drive-Thru Prayer.


The CCAF Missions Team is aligned with the Word of God, both foreign and domestically. Jesus spoke of the caring for others and on the things not of this earth. Missions’ ministries should guide and equip believers to reach those that don’t know Jesus. Missions can also serve as a great vehicle not just for discipleship, but for church members as well. Supporting missionaries is the perfect vehicle for connecting to global ministry. Fundraisers and the distribution of those funds aid in the saving of lives and supplying the needs of those with hardship. Our team has true passion and moves with haste for people in need, not just for food or substance, but for hearing the Word of God.

Music and Arts

Along with our musicians, the CCAF Music and Arts Ministry consists of: The Sanctuary Choir, Resurrection Choir, The Shepherd’s Choir (kids), Men’s Choir, Women’s Choir, Praise Team (The Voices of CCAF), Drama Team and The Tribe of Judah Dance Ministry. Music and Arts assist our senses of awe and wonder to the presence of God, leading our thoughts to Him and not ourselves. Whether by voices or instruments, events or concerts, music is universal—all for the Glory of God. Have we mentioned, our Pastor is a recording artist? Every now and then you can hear him echoing throughout the hallways of CCAF, sometimes rehearsing the saxophone, and sometimes in worship.


How can we keep everything to ourselves, when we’re to deliver the message of Jesus Christ to everyone? Luke 14:23 of The Bible reads: “And the Lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” The CCAF Outreach Team consists of:  The Prison Ministry, Evangelism, Food Give-Aways, Drive-Thru Prayers, Neighborhood Gatherings, Sons Day, Daughters Day, and College Days of Fellowship. While maneuvering through the Pandemic, we learned our “Parking Lot Services” were not only successful in purpose, but in reach. Whether through gatherings or events, we’re always looking to expand this area of CCAF, knowing the importance of drawing all men to come to Christ.


The Seniors are essential to our church from sharing their experiences, to imparting their wisdom, and overall added maturity within several of our ministries. Church gatherings of our Seniors also provide a way for them to engage with other Senior members of the church, and the community. The Seniors have their own designated room with a full-service kitchen, furniture and television. Their crafts, events and literature adorn every corner of this area. A second Bible Study (Midday) was created for them and others who may not be able to attend our Wednesday evening Bible Study. A Conference Call Line has been provided for those not able to attend services or events. Our Seniors are not only considered but honored.


Would you like to gather with other Singles who live productive lives for God? The CCAF Singles Ministry allows you to find and build relationships with others who are daily trusting the Lord, just as you. One of the benefits of Single Life is the opportunity to find contentment solely in our walk with God. In singleness, the ultimate purpose is to love Him and make His name known. Singles can pursue a variety of interesting experiences that enhance their lives and boost overall happiness and satisfaction. Their freedom is to be delighted in spontaneity through projects that enhance CCAF, as well as their social activities, whether for relaxation, travel or wholesome entertainment.


The Women of CCAF are the largest ministry team within the church. Valiant in manner, our Women support each other while sharing resources through gatherings and events. From cooking to gardening, single motherhood to the homemaker, from running a business, to sitting in a boardroom, WOMEN agree their responsibilities are vital to the home of the believer and the workplace. We also offer the Women’s Book Club, which is held every month, in-person and online. In the warmer months, there are Prayer Walks that boost focus, making full use of health benefits. “TEA TIME” is an online monthly women’s group, highlighting benefits in the life of the WOMAN. “Her” influence is valuable to the ministry of CCAF.

Young Adult

The Young Adults (ages 18-39yrs) are often referred as the “bridge” within a ministry. They serve as the Young Adults of CCAF who desire to grow in Christ, consisting of unique fellowship opportunities that enhance their “walk.” Their conversations are often raw but relevant. This age range has the journey of: “Do I keep going to school? Grad school? Should I relocate? Do I marry them? Should I start the business? Write the book? Is the Lord calling me to the ministry? Oh wow…I’m getting old.” As a church, we strive to provide all the assistance they need when making such important decisions that will impact them the rest of their lives. This “bridge” will always be a focus of retaining membership, as it connects the youth moving to adulthood.


The CCAF Youth (ages 12-17yrs) hold their own service in the Educational Wing every 1st and 3rd Sundays during the main service. The purpose of this ministry engages young people in their faith to explore who God is and what He has to say about their lives. It helps them understand their true value, within an environment of fellowship and mentoring. Discipleship is the hallmark of an effective youth ministry. The goal of youth ministry is not to make teenagers Christians, instead, the goal is to make adult disciples—whose faith takes root in their teen years.