#TeaTimeThursdays- Recap

Small Dose of Encouragement | 07.08.2021

#TeaTimeThursdays started last week and boy it was wonderful. Lady J, the First Lady of CCAF and wife to Suffragan Bishop Harold Rayford, produced a magnificent dose of encouragement for women of all ages and backgrounds. She has introduced a breakdown of the Women's Department theme, C.C.A.F. Women. How thoughtful?

C - Courageous

Declaring the reality that to be a woman, fighting through life, striving to succeed, protecting her family, helping others and often more than spoken, you are courageous! When you keep going, despite the obstacles, you are courageous! If you have not taken notice to #TeaTimeThursdays, you are in for a treat.

Every Thursday, around teatime, a woman of CCAF will offer you a small cup of encouragement. AND just so you know, we are expanding our audience. #TeaTimeThursdays will serve as a great support network for you and yours. We are now on the following stations:

PocketCasts - https://pca.st/6cl0qvy9

RadioPublic - https://radiopublic.com/teatimethursdays-WxB5YE

Breaker - https://www.breaker.audio/number-teatimethursdays

Google Podcast - Click here!

Spotify - Click here!

Prepare your hearts and minds for Tea Time Thursdays every first and third Thursday.

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