#TeaTimeThursdays: Fearless & Faith

Small Dose of Encouragement | 08.19.2021

#TeaTimeThursdays OFFICIALLY started on July 1, 2021!

Every Thursday, around teatime, a woman of CCAF will offer you a small cup of encouragement. Ladies, you;re about to become full!

Today, Sister Margo Hogan and Sister Sonjia Penn both poured into our very spirits with their testimonies of living forward FEARLESSLY. Let's face it, we have to live with and in FAITH to have such testimonies. This is a post you'll want to share with many of your friends and loved ones. Whether young, snugged in the middle or seasoned with greatness... #TeaTimeThursdays will serve as a great support network for you and yours.

Prepare your hearts and minds for Tea Time Thursdays every first and third Thursday.

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