#TeaTimeThursdays: Don't Get Discouraged...

Small Dose of Encouragement | 10.07.2021

#TeaTimeThursdays OFFICIALLY started on July 1, 2021!

Every Thursday, around teatime, the woman of CCAF have produced a small cup of encouragement with much fulfillment and grace. We pray you’ve been enjoying #TeaTimeThursdays!

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Each speaker has yielded a fine measure of inspiration. Today, receive Sister Jill Tidwell presents the topic, "Don't Get Discouraged in the Climb!" In that moment of uncertainty, know that God is with you and He will never forsake you. Keep climbing! Victory is in the press! Sister Jill Tidwell grants strength to her sisters with this tremendous encouragement. Woman of God and/or sister-to-be, you must persevere. #teatimeThursday #encouragement Listen in and take notes. Be blessed.

"High places, where the air is pure... there are paths on the side of the mountain is just big enough for the two you. You and God!"

Don’t forget to share this dynamic piece with someone you know and love. #TEATIMETHURSDAYS Whether young, snugged in the middle or seasoned with greatness... #TeaTimeThursdays will serve as a great support network for you and yours.

Prepare your hearts and minds for Tea Time Thursdays every first and third Thursday.

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