Welcome and CCAF Announcements | 06.28.2021

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CCAF Grab and Go is the summer food program sponsored by CCAF Outreach.

Monday thru Friday from noon to 1 PM, students from 18 years of age and younger can come grab their lunch to go.

No registration necessary.

"Grab it and go get it!"

This is a great opportunity for men to connect with other men in an open forum. Don't hesitate, this forum is for you! You can get additional information about this event by calling 614-253-7959.

This week is the beginning of #TeaTimeThursdays. You are so in for a treat. This week the word of encouragement is about being a woman who is courageous. Our very own Lady J will start us off with a small dose of encouragement at tea time. Enjoy.

This weekend is the Family Reunion Weekend. You can get the full itinerary by reviewing recent posts.

You can also go to the calendar at www.ccafcolumbus.org/resources.

Join Pastor Rayford Monday - Friday at 2 PM for the Daily Devotion.

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