CCAF General Announcements | 05.24.2021

Pentecost Sunday was one of a kind. While the internet was bouncing from audio issues to visual issues, the power of God took the stage… The Encore Performance… of Pentecost! One online viewer stated, “No sound but I hear the sound of the Holy Ghost!” Indeed, @Gracesavedrita Gibson was correct!

You can view the replay... https://youtu.be/-XEJTOp2eUc.

A report came back stating “The Holy Ghost had hit the Parking Lot” (paraphrased). For those in sync... CCAF Columbus on the Parking Lot was not alone. We pray God continues to move in you and through you.

Please view the details for this week and learn how you can take part in the upcoming activities. Also, you can ask Pastor Rayford questions relating to the bible study series Family Values. Send your questions through the form at https://www.ccafcolumbus.org/post/asktherightquestion-fvbs.

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Quick Note:

The PSO was celebrating Pentecost on the Parking Lot of CCAF Sunday evening. You can view that celebration service by going to https://fb.watch/5K93dG6x6w/.

View the calendar for additional details and events.

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