Christian Education - April 11, 2021

The Heart of CCAF Columbus: Christian Education

The Christian Education page has an updated look. Your lessons are now posted for your convenience. Go to our the new platform located at to download each lesson. Not sure what to next, just tap the pictures and words that are underlined to access the page you need. Follow the age range to connect with the appropriate class. Even, Access Past Lessons! Let us know what you think by clicking on the site ratings on your page. #beginner#primary#middleandhighschoolers#adults#virtualNOW


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Pre K and K (2yrs – 5yrs) You can contact us for the materials for your Pre K and K student (s).

Instructors: Liz Goodwin, Jackie Foster, Mattie Jones, Juanita Whitaker, Kathryn Harris

Beginner's Class

1st and 2nd Grades (6yrs -8yrs)

Instructors: Paula Justice, Willie Singleton

Primary Class

3rd - 5th Grades (9yrs-11yrs)

Instructors: Mattie Jenkins, Sheila Singleton

Middle School (12yrs-14yrs)

Instructors: Sheila Butler, Niesha Sharper, Mary Howard, Eleanor Scott

High School (15yrs-18yrs)

Instructors: Sharlene Campbell, Francine Grace, Kristina Wilson, Stacy Jones


1A - Young Men (19yrs - 24yrs)

Instructors: Rayfus Campbell, Dwight Steward

1B - Young Women (19yrs - 24yrs)

Instructors: Jill Tidwell

2A - Men (25yrs - 39yrs)

Instructors: Terrence Banks

2B - Women (25yrs - 39yrs)

Instructors: B. Carole Merrill, Courtney Penn Blevins

3A - Men (40yrs - 64yrs)

Instructors: Earl Brewer, Raymond Wright

3B - Women (40yrs - 64yrs)

Instructors: Lynda Dickerson, Rea Jackson, Winnie Taylor

4A - Men 65+

Instructors: Leo Jones, Frankie Morris, David Riley

4B - Women 65+

Instructors: Mildred Penn, Joann Sigers