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His Accomplishments and Community Philosophy


Pastoral Accomplishments

At the Faith Place in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, Pastor Rayford:

  • Transformed the congregation of fifteen (15) souls into a thriving congregation of over 200 members.

  • Exceeded the capacity of the original worship facility in three (3) years.

  • Baptized approximately one-hundred (100) souls per year for the first several years of his pastorate.

  • Purchased and renovated a warehouse into the current worship facility. The renovation represented over $300,000.00 in supplies and building materials over a four year period. The vast majority of the labor was provided by men of The Faith Place. The new facility has a total seating capacity of five-hundred (500), which includes a 300-seat sanctuary and a spacious lobby and multipurpose room.

  • Established The Faith Place as one of the leading African American Churches in the region.

  • Worked closely with several area mayors, police chiefs, superintendents, chancellors, civic ad civil leaders.

  • Served as President of the African American Council of Churches of Greater Madison, WI, an ecumenical organization representing the 30 predominantly African American Churches in the region.

Community Philosophy

Suffragan Bishop Rayford feels it is important for the local churches to be visibly active in the community to which it is divinely assigned. Congregations must not see themselves as islands, but community leaders. As Pastor of The Faith Place, he worked diligently to be accessible to a plethora of people on various levels. This includes hosting community forums, sponsoring charitable drives, advising government officials, partnering with area school districts and serving a wide array of committees, advisory boards and groups. He also served as President of an ecumenical fellowship of churches and the African American Council of Churches of Greater Madison for nine (9) years. He served as Chairman of The Dane County Black Leadership Council. Prior to leaving Wisconsin, he held two appointments simultaneously: Commissioner on the Dane County Housing Authority Board and Commissioner on the Sun Prairie Police and Fire Commission. He brings the same level of energy and commitment to the Columbus community. The Church of Christ of the Apostolic Faith (CCAF) has been beaming with excitement since his appointment.

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